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wearefuckinmods's Journal

We're Fucking Mods! LOL! For anyone with a dream..
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For anyone who's ever had a dream of becoming a mod, but didn't seem to quite make the cut!
Post anything you like. Pictures, questions, commentary, whatever. Membership is currently moderated, but feel free to apply. If you are accepted, please post an introduction. We'll go from there...

This community is NOT to make fun of either the TKK2 mods or the ONTD mods, so please don't flatter yourselves. It's our own community to talk, have fun, and be moddy!


1. Don't let anyone become a member unless a majority of us agree on it!
2. Don't let anyone become a mod unless we unanimously agree!
3. What happens here, stays here!
4. Post an application once you are accepted as a member.
5. All entries friends only lol

Copy and paste once you are a member.
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